Friday, October 7, 2011

Delayed Picnic

We planned a picnic for my mother this week - she loves picnics on my deck.  I suggested that she make arrangement with Metro Mobility to bring her here and I would take her home. Normally I pick her up, but there's no way to get out to her place and back during rush hour in a reasonable amount of time, since I work until 4:30.  She made arrangements to be picked up at 3:45, and just about the time I was expecting her, about 4:30, she called to say she had not been picked up yet.  Oops,  When she called in was assured the driver would be there by 4:45.  He was, so we figured all was well.  Mom called about 5:15 to tell me the driver was dropping off someone else first, and later to tell me that they were somewhere in Minneapolis.  I live in St. Paul.  At 6:15 they were on James Street in Minneapolis.  I live on James Avenue in St. Paul!  FINALLY, at 6:40 they arrived, poor mom having been in the backseat of the car for two hours.

Hard to know if the problem was with the person who originally took the reservation, or a driver who did not know the Twin Cities.  The driver was very apologetic, but still had OTHER people to pick up after he dropped mom off - wonder how long THEY had been waiting?

While services like Metro Mobility are certainly invaluable to seniors, they obviously are not withoutglitches.  I'd like to file a complaint, but I don't know where the blame should be placed, and my mother has used the service for medical appointments and never had a problem other than some reasonably long waits.  This was not reasonable, but she did arrive safely.

Burgers on the grill, grandma's potato salad, spinach salad, fresh pineapple and beer cheered us all up, and Letty enjoyed the company as well.

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Helen said...

Poor mom! If I were you, I'd not exactly file a complaint, but let Metro Mobility know what happened. It may just be a case of a new driver needing a bit more training. Can't expect them to take care of a problem they're not aware of. Looks as though Letty may have enjoyed the food as well as the company.