Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Weekend Gone

Coral scheduled for surgery this morning to remove a couple of skin growths.  Her bloodwork was good, so she's a suitable candidate for surgery, even though she is 13 1/2.  She's got some small warts that don't bother her, but a larger one on her elbow does, and she licks at it even though it requires a rather awkward position!    The one on her back is more like an abscess that won't heal.  Could have a biopsy done but won't, as it would not affect course of treatment at this age.  How am I going to explain why she will not get breakfast this morning?  I'll go in to work late, dropping her off at the clinic on my way.
Letty went "camping" over the weekend, spending two nights with Charlie and his family.  Charlie and Letty were absolutely wild when I first dropped her off, and I was not sure if she would survive a 55 pound whirlwind, but she's used to playing with Argus and Josie, and knows how to dodge and duck as needed.  Things settled down after the excitement wore off, but Letty requires a lot of supervision as she explores her world, sampling rug corners, furniture throws, drapes, and everything else within mouth level.

Argus went to the Dog Park on Sunday, after missing out last week while I was out of town.  Sure was dry, and the pond that the dogs use for cooling off was totally empty.  I walked through the pond bed and was not surprised to see many forgotten tennis balls mixed in with the leaf mold.  It was getting warm by the time we left and Argus was grateful for the water bowls left by park users.  I'll have to return the favor and bring along a jug of water the next time we go.  Ran into one of our Dog Park friends, so Argus got to run with his Golden/Springer cross friend Allie.  Lots of Labs there as always, and a cute little Shelter/Border Collie cross who is sharing a drink with Argus.

Sure wish we had a local Dog Park!  The city of St. Paul discusses them from time to time, but never manages to find the money, even when a good location is available.  Lots of money for golf courses, but there are a lot more dog owners than golfers!  

Got lots of chores done this weekend, including dusting and vacuuming although it's tough to spend time indoors when the weather is so nice.  One outside chore was dog bathing, perhaps the last time I will be able to do that outdoors this year.  We have a Groom Rite table with a grooming arm,  and the table is water proof, so perfect for dog baths.  The tap water is getting cooler, so it's not quite as pleasant, but so much easier on my back to bathe dogs without having to bend over them.  Coral and Josie really enjoy baths, Watson has never enjoyed them, and Argus thought the water was too cold and complained with groans and moans.  Wimp!  Letty got a towel-down rather than a real bath.

Spent the evening doing fish chores, getting ready for the upcoming fish club auction.  I'll be in town for this auction, and plan to buy some fish for my empty tanks.  Winter is the best season for fish keeping as the heated, well insulated fishroom is sooo pleasant when it's cold outside, and drafty upstairs.  Letty is showing promise as a fishkeeper, and enjoys trying to catch the fish in one of the large bottom tanks - which is now covered with " mouth marks".

Letty continues to look very promising, and either her tail is improving or I am getting used to it.  I kept her knowing that tail carriage often improves, but there is no guarantee of that.  She's really quite stunning otherwise, also very bright - not necessarily a good trait, as the dumb less imaginative pups get into less mischief!

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Helen said...

I hope all goes well with Coral. Miss Letty Arbok sure is a beaut! Reading your post makes me realize how lucky my Dalboy and I are. Our municipal dog park is a huge grassed area, at least the size of a football field. It's securely fenced and divided into areas for big and small dogs. There's a two-tier fountain for dogs and people, picnic tables, a hose, trees and even fake fire hydrants. (Actually, they're real, just not connected to anything.) Access is controlled via an electronic pass, so there are almost no 'undesirable' users. Nearby, the branch of a large pet-food chain has a self-serve dog wash. We just reserve a time and use the tub area, grooming table, and dryer. And if all that's not enough, just a few minutes away from home is an ice-cream parlor that offers mini dog cones on the house all summer long. What dog/owner could ask more more? Dalboy and I have much to be grateful for this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.