Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Am I Forgetting?

We're leaving in a few hours for Lawrence, KS for our first dog shows since last May.  Argus is beside himself with excitement.  Letty is going along too for the socialization - hope I don't regret it!  Jess will arrive about 9:00 with Lucy, and when we pass through Mason City, IA we'll pick up Eddie from Lisen.  Two Specialty shows tomorrow and two all breed shows on Saturday and Sunday.  Judging panel is pretty decent, and we enjoy the people in the Kansas City club.  Meg and Toni and some of our other friends will be there as well, the weather sounds good, and we anticipate a fun weekend.  A winning weekend would be even better.  We'll see.

Our primary goal is finishing Lucy's championship.  She has her majors, just needs 4 single points.  Because the entry is good-sized winning any of the 4 shows will give Lucy enough points to finish.  She's already a Canadian Champion, but we wanted her American Championship too, since she will be the 5th champion from the Argus/Boji litter.  Lucy's family is looking forward to doing a litter this winter and we're hoping that she produces as well as her sister Nati did.

Argus is basically retired but needs just a few points for his Bronze Level Grand Championship, something that was created after he retired, so we might as well try for it this weekend.  If nothing else, he'll have a good time.

This will be Eddie's first show weekend and fortunately he'll be in the Puppy Class.  He can walk on leash but is NOT show trained, and is just as dog crazy as his father Argus, PLUS he barks when excited.  He's never been to handling class or obedience class, so this will be Dog Show 101 for him.  Jess has a good touch with untrained dogs - better her than me!
This is one of the reasons we have dogs, not the main reason but one of the fun things we can do with dogs.  We're off on adventure with beautiful, happy, silly dogs and will spend the weekend with dear friends.  Both Jess and I really need a vacation, so even though this will be WORK, it will be a nice change for both of us.  It's also something that I can share with my adult daughter, a common interest and a sport that we both enjoy.

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Best of Luck! Enjoy the weekend...