Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Time For Reading!

My bedside table is overflowing with things I hope to get read!  Although I try to fit in time for reading every day, the only time I always read is when I go to bed - hence the reading material beside my bed.  Reading in bed is a luxury I enjoy, especially on Saturday morning if Ron brings up coffee.  Night time reading is usually limited to about half an hour before I fall asleep.

Current projects include a John Sandford novel (the last of the Kidd series), and the new issue of "Practical Fishkeeping" (a British magazine).  There are a number of copies of "Cooking Light" on the table as I was looking for new Mexican-style dishes.  A trip to Half-Price Books, resulted in a new fish book as well as a copy of "Animals In Translation" by Temple Grandin (I just finished "Animals Make Me Human" by the same author.)  There's also a Nevada Barr novel (I like some of hers and can't get through others, so we'll see about "Blood Lure".)  Also a copy of  "Inside Of A Dog - What Dogs See, Smell & Know".  Buried somewhere in the stack will be past issues of "Discover" magazine which I give to Ron for Christmas so I can read it too, "Consumer Reports", and an assortment of other magazines that catch my fancy.  The Nook Color also contains a number of books including a several by Psychologist Oliver Sacks that I want to re-read.

Now, to find more time to read!  Thank goodness for audio books to listen to in the car, and my trusty little iPod that I can wear around the house while doing chores!

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