Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ugh, my hobbies conflict tonight.  BOTH puppies have classes tonight, Sparkle at 6:00 (her 1st) and Letty at 7:00 (her 6th and last).  Fish club meeting starts at 7:30 and the program will begin about 8:00.  Plant night tonight, with lots of good aquarium plants available at very reasonable prices.  It's supposed to get down to 15 degrees, too cold for the girls to wait in the car, so it looks as if I will have to bring them home.   If the fish club meeting was not held in a church I would just bring in a crate and they could spend the time people-watching, but that's not a possibility either.  I could get back in time for the auction after the meeting.  We'll see.

Fish are doing well right now, as I'm spending some time working with them every night.  A number of tank tops have been scrubbed recently, filter media replaced, and sponge filters cleaned.  I'd like to pick up some more plants, but aquarium plants are not really my focus, and most of the tanks have at least Najas (guppy grass) growing in them.  The planted tanks are looking good as I have changed the florescent bulbs (they lose their effectiveness and get changed at least once a year) and have been dosing them with Flourish Excel which has really helped plant growth.  Thought about using CO2 in a couple of the tanks, but it is such a hassle.   I do NOT need to become a plant geek too.  Not enough time or money for another hobby!

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