Thursday, November 10, 2011

A New Puppy?

Letty and Coral

Coral actually seems to like naughty Letty.  She has not been very patient with the last couple of pups who have stayed here for awhile, but this one she seems to be fine about.  She'll actually let Letty sleep with her, and patiently puts up with her silly puppy antics.  Coral at 13+ generally has little tolerance for nonsense.

Poor Coral will have to adapt to yet another puppy next week when Sparkle comes to stay, at least for awhile.   We're taking one of the James/Nati pups for a try out.  We may sell her eventually, probably on a co-ownership, but it will give us another pup to work with over the winter and show in the spring, and will get a puppy away from her littermates.  A brother was supposed to be coming too, to a performance home, but sadly that seems to have fell through.  I'm really disappointed, as is Ann.  If you're interested in a beautiful, healthy, well-bred, well-socialized 11-week old puppy, there may be one for you!  Leash trained, crate trained, and well on the way to being house-trained.  A show pup, performance dog, and/or companion.

Letty is doing her very best to keep us entertained.  What a character she is!  She's decided that dog bowls should not contain water and does her best to dig it out.  Results in a big mess on the kitchen floor, but a lot of laughter from Ron & me.  Unfortunately, by not correcting it early (too busy laughing) it's become something of a problem.  A messy one.  Oh well, water wipes up easily.

Our friend Patti has offered to take Lucy up to Canada for awhile this winter.  It's a great opportunity for extra socialization, especially with kids.  Patti and her family did a great job of raising Lucy, and a wonderful job of socializing Eddie and Meribel.  I'll miss Letty terribly, but it's too good an opportunity to pass up.  Plus it will give Sparkle a chance to be an only puppy for awhile.

Although it's possible to raise littermates together or raise a puppy with one or both of it's parents, it's very important that puppies get the necessary individual work as well, and leaving home for awhile is very helpful for developing self confidence.   Letty will get away from the "pack" she has always been part of, and Sparkle will leave her littermates behind.  Sounds like a good situation for all of us.

If you are thinking of acquiring a Dal puppy, or of adding a second puppy to your family, remember that Sparkle has littermates available.   You can see pictures and read their story at -

ALSO, if you plan to donate money to charities for the holidays (we donate to the Food Shelves and to the local Humane Society in lieu of Christmas gifts), please read this first.

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