Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Whole Stole My (fill in the blank)?

Camera is missing this morning.  Where did it go?  Who stole it?  Who mislaid it?  Must have been me, but how far away can it be?  How can things get lost in a house inhabited by two people, one of which (not me!) is very organized?  WHY can I not remember to put things away, or at least to leave them OUT in plain sight?  After 45 years of driving I have gotten in the habit of putting the keys where I can easily find them - dining room table - and I never ever mislay my glasses, but everything else?  Oops.

So naturally, I just missed a chance at the shot I've been trying to get, Letty digging the water out of the water bowl.  Any kind of a floating speck is an excuse to dig out all the water.  Cute, but a bit messy!  I haven't exactly discouraged this behavior (something I know I will regret later) but I'd really like to get a picture of it before I force Letty to give up her sport.

OK, it's gotta be here SOMEWHERE.  I'll put Ron in charge searching today, and put up with the digging for a bit longer.   I want a new camera, but can't quite afford one right now, so I need this one back.

Obedience class went very well for Argus last night.  I'm really pleased with how well he is doing.  The dogs were popping up like jumping beans on their stays last night, but I was able to go out of sight and Argus never moved a muscle, even when sniffed by cute girl dogs.  Good boy, Argus.  Heeling is getting smoother, attention is improving immensely, finishes are improving, and fronts are very good.  Was not sure how it would work with Argus in a class that does not depend on food incentive training, but he's doing very well.  Our biggest problem is straight sits, but that's only because I have not put much time into that yet.  We need to work on straight sits for a few minutes everyday, so he actually understands what straight looks/feels like.  Rented ring time on Sunday which will help.  So hard to work in the house, or out on the cold dark street.  No, that's a copout, I guess.  We CAN work on straight sits, fronts and finishes in the basement.  Just need to make it part of my evening routine.

There's a big difference between getting an obedience title, and getting it with good scores and placements.  The difference is time spent on the little things, like straight sits, good fronts, snappy finishes and attentive heeling.  If we are to do this, we will do it right.  I need the training as much as Argus does, and I definitely need a better work ethic.  No excuses.


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