Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And Away We Go

Girls are loaded, car is packed, reservation made.  I think I have everything, but am so out of practice packing!  It seems to strange to leave my best buddy Argus behind.  He always goes along with me.  Almost always.  Not this time.  Traveling with two girls in season would be more than he could manage.
Took Lucy in for a Progesterone test this AM and the results tell us today through Saturday should be perfect for breeding.  We won't do through Saturday though, as these are young healthy dogs and all it takes is one good breeding at the correct time.  We'll do two, to cover our bases.  Too much time and money invested already to cut corners.

Possible blizzard in the forecast for next Sunday/Monday.  Guess we are due.  Just so the roads are fine by the following weekend when we go to St. Louis.  Suggested that Lucy's family come to retrieve her on Saturday, so they don't risk encountering the predicted bad weather.  She's a good dog, but two girls in season is a lot of hassle, and Letty will be going out soon.  Argus and I are BOTH looking forward to things getting back to normal (well, sort of normal) around here.

Hope the rest of the day goes better, as the diagnosis on the washer is BROKEN.  We'd hoped it was just a pump, but it's bearings too.  Repairman said this often happens in the first 3 - 5 years of this particular machine, so I was lucky to get 10 years with no repairs.  Guess I will be washer shopping next week, and will buy a top loader this time, not another front loader.

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