Monday, February 27, 2012

To Honor The Passing Of A Real Fire Dog

Check out this video - An Incredible Tribute To A Real Fire Dog

Things are back to normal in Paisleyland.  Well, not normal normal, but pretty normal for us!   Lucy has gone back to Canada, hopefully pregnant (pups due late April), so no extra dogs here right now.   Letty had her bath, came back upstairs, and Argus agreed that she was indeed out of season.  So much fun to have Letty back as a regular member of the family.  Now, to get her signed up for a training class.

Promises to be a busy week.  Need to get my car in to have the headlights checked out as I have high beams and parking lights, but no regular lights.  It happened on my way home from Nebraska, when I suddenly had no driving lights.  Came home on high beams, praying that I did not blind anyone.

A new washer to pay for too.  Found the one I wanted at Sears, took a day to think it over, and will sign the papers today.  A top loader this time, without an agitator.  A top rated Whirlpool which had better live up to it's billing.  We'll be glad to have a washer again - trips to the Laundromat are NOT fun, and we were amazed at how expensive it is.

Argus begins his new obedience class tonight after missing last week because of all the "girl distractions".  We're both looking forward to this - he says he's bored.  I'm looking forward to learning some new training methods, as I was not happy with the other class we were in.  I can read Argus very well and I could see that he was stressed at times.  I want to train in a more "positive" environment.  Argus is my buddy, and I owe him that.

Need to squeeze in a haircut too, if Denise as any openings.  Why does hair go from "just fine" to "too long and shapeless", seemingly overnight?

AND, I am supposed to be getting ready to leave for St. Louis on Thursday.  First dog shows we've entered since last fall, over $400.00 worth of entries for Argus, Eddie & Meribel.  All winter Jess and I have joked that we'd finally get snow the week we wanted to leave for St. Louis - and that appears to be exactly what will happen.  How many times have I driven to and from shows in heavy snows?  (Many)  How many shows have I missed because the roads were bad?  (Not too many, but St. Louis seems to fall on a snowy weekend.)  We've managed to get there 3 years in a row, after missing several years because of weather.  Fingers crossed as it's been a lucky show for us - BoW with Argus daughters 3 years in a row (Pauli, Penny & Lucy), and 4 out of 6 Specialty Best of Breed wins with Argus himself.  Judges look good for Eddie, and Meribel will be making her debut to get some ring experience before DCA.  She's very "together" for her age, so it's a good time for her to start.

I already have cramps in my fingers from keeping them crossed!

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