Thursday, March 1, 2012

Puppies And Packing

Can't wait to see these beautiful babies next week.  When I sold Ch. "Bennett" (Argus/Boji) I retained two stud services, and we used one of them on Crystal (Major/Leica - Leica is a sister to Penny's dam Nikon).  I get a stud fee pup from the litter, and it looks as if I will have trouble picking just one.  Should I take Black (who is actually liver-spotted and looks a lot like Argus did) or should I take one of the girls?  Sure are pretty pups!  Hope to get to Chicago next week to see them.

No Blog tomorrow, as I'll be in St. Louis for the Specialties.  Mother Nature seems to have cooperated and the roads should be OK.  Jess and Meribel will be arriving mid-morning, and we'll pick up Eddie from Lisen along the way.  Argus SO exited!  He knows a bath and packing means a dog show and he has not been to one since October.  He LOVES traveling and dog shows.  Still a few chores to get done around here and packing to finish.  Ron just left for the Laundromat to wash my favorite jeans - can't wait 'til the new washer arrives next Tuesday.  Am NOT looking forward to filling the gas tank this morning.  Way too expensive!

St. Louis has been a good show weekend for us, but this year I will settle for just having a good time.  I really need a vacation, and any wins will just be a bonus.

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Unknown said...

Nothing cuter than a Dalmatian puppy... Except maybe two ;-)
Also it's been killing' me, how did you do in St Louie?