Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Catching Up With Lucas

Lucas (now Louis) at 8 weeks

Tonight I'll be dropping by our obedience school to take a look at Louis, who was Lucas in the Arbok (Argus/Reebok) litter.  His owner Eloise reports that Louis is doing well, and is a lively, happy, outgoing fellow.  Really anxious to see him again.  He was sold "with strings" - Louis is their family dog, but I have the right to show him if I wish.  Louis is the family's third Dal from us and we knew they would do a good job with him.  We showed their Watson son Pepito for awhile, but Pepito was a quiet laid back sort of guy who didn't really enjoy dog show weekends, so we decided he'd be happier just living as a companion.  Since Louis is a son of enthusiastic outgoing Argus, and was such a cheerful outgoing puppy, it's likely that he'll also enjoy dog shows.  Time to take a look at him and evaluate him for soundness, and to see how his bite, tail and size look at 8 months.  We probably won't start him 'til summer, perhaps getting him ready to show in June at the Chicagoland Specialty.  Louis and his sister Letty may both make their debuts that weekend.
Bennett/Crystal liver boy

Wish I could find a home like Louis's for this handsome liver boy from the Bennett/Crystal litter.  He's larger than his littermates at 7 weeks and because Crystal is a rather tall bitch, this boy might possibly be too big to show, but if his size holds he could be spectacular.  What he needs is what we call a "watch home", where he could go as companion, but be shown later if he lives up to his promise.  Anyone looking for a super sound, very handsome and well marked liver boy, preferably in the Chicago area (near Meg & Cheryl) or in the Twin Cities (near me)?

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