Monday, March 12, 2012

Too Early!

Oh, how I hate to Spring Forward.  The extra daylight in the evening is nice, but I really hate losing an hour of sleep in the morning.  Takes my internal clock a week or more to be ready for bed on DST, which makes getting up a real chore.

Record highs in the forecast for the whole week.  I find that frightening.  Weird Weather makes me uncomfortable.  Sort of a "looking over my shoulder feeling", wondering What Next.  Summer heatwave?  Continuing drought?  Unaccustomed insects?  Water shortages?  Power grid failures?  Ever higher food prices?  I guess the latter is inevitable anyway, since everything except my salary continues to go up.

A quick down and back to Chicago to see the Bennett/Crystal pups.  We left Friday after work, stayed overnight with Meg, visited the pups on Saturday and then came home.  Letty rode along and behaved very well, enjoying the extra attention.  We came home by way of Milwaukee, stopping at one of my favorite aquarium stores where I purchased Bumblebee Gobies, Panda Garra & a few more Amano Shrimp (excellent algae eaters).  And we did not bring home a puppy.  My favorites were the boys and the uni girl (who was already promised).  Not the right time for another boy, although I'd love to find someone local to purchase the handsome liver boy.  He's a very big puppy and may to too large to show, but if not he could do really well.   If anyone in the Twin Cities area is interested in a very handsome liver boy, let me know and perhaps we can work something out.

Love this picture of Mariah, who used to live here.  She's enjoying her life in Arizona and doing well in the show ring for Kay.  So pleased with how that worked out.  Hopefully we will see her at the National in May.

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