Monday, April 16, 2012

Mission Accomplished - Safely

What a trip!  On Friday I drove down to the the Kansas City area driving in rain, followed by super strong head winds that really screwed up my mileage.  Made for some white knuckle driving, but Letty and I arrived right on schedule despite a stop at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall where I got sucked in by a liver-spotted Dalmatian bank.  It now lives on a bookshelf with some of my Dismal Desmonds.

Had a great time at Maryla's but woke up on Saturday to warnings of a violent storm coming our way. Lots of texting back and forth among the involved parties, but we got things worked out and all the pieces fell into place. I was able to meet Becky and retrieve Pauli at noon, and was home by 7:00 PM, running ahead of the storm all the way.  After I got through Des Moines they were hit by heavy rains, high winds, power loss, trucks off the road and large scale urban flooding.  I missed it all.  Whew!

Even had a chance to do a bit of touristing in Kearney which is known as the home of Jesse James.  I'm not a big history buff, but do appreciate the touristy part of history, and enjoyed our visit to the James family home which is maintained by the county as a very interesting museum, with an excellent movie of Jesse's life and many worthwhile displays.

Swapped dogs with Jess when I got home, and Pauli went off to stay with her until she is out of season, and Amery came to stay with me for awhile. 

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