Friday, April 20, 2012

Showing Amery

"Amery" is spending the week with us, and has fit in nicely.  She's one of the Cruise/Penny pups from the litter Jess, Laurie & I co-bred last summer.  It was the first litter my daughter Jess has raised on her own (although she helped with my pups for almost 40 years!), and it was a very successful one.

Two of the pups have been shown so far, Meribel (Jess's pup) who has a 5 point Specialty major, and Ellsworth (lives in Texas) who has 8 points and a major.  Amery has not yet been shown, but is getting ready for the National.  A third sister Gemma will also be shown later.

Mom Penny won the Futurity when she went to the National as a puppy, and I personally think that Amery is even better, but such a win requires everything to fall into place and the puppy to show really well.  Penny was quite experienced when she went to the National, and had already been to several specialty show weekends.  Amery goes to her first dog show next week, and it's just a small one.  We're doing it just for practice, so she knows what to expect, and so we know what to expect from her.  Jess will be showing Meribel in the Puppy Class at DCA, and Amery will be entered in Bred By Exhibitor class.  They will both be in the same Sweeps and Futurity classes though, so I'll show Amery there.  I haven't shown a dog in the classes since Argus was a pup.  Hope I don't screw her up!

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