Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fish Today!

Although I normally include dogs in my Blog, my other passion is tropical fish - all kinds of tropical fish.  Some fishkeepers are content with a single tank of fish, while others of us crave LOTS of fish.  Some keep many tanks of cichlids, or livebearers, or just angelfish or swordtails.  Others of us are fish generalists - we like all kinds of fish.

One of my favorites are Desert Gobies.  Small strange looking fish who hop around the bottom of their tank, the handsome males showing off for the drab females or displaying for one another.  Their aggression is mostly for show, but displaying males are incredibly beautiful - in a strange way.   I've kept and bred them in the past, and decided that I needed them again.

Gobies are one of the largest fish families, with thousands of species living in fresh, brackish or salt water.  Many are very comical looking fish, like the Desert Gobies.  I've kept a number of different Goby species but my favorites are the Desert Gobies because they are so comical to watch and easy to keep & breed.

My Gobies will arrive today, USPS willing, and I'll pick them up at the Post Office rather than having them delivered to my home.  Just a bit easier on the fish, and I'll be able to get the acclimation process started this noon.  Fish ship well, and these are coming from an experienced dealer, so hopefully they arrive safely.  And hopefully there will be both males and females.  These will be very young fish, a bit too young to sex reliably.

Arriving with the 4 Desert Gobies will be 4 young Knight Gobies, a very handsome species that has rarely been bred in captivity.  This will be my challenge for next winter, trying to get the Knight Gobies to spawn.  The harder part will probably be keeping the tiny fry alive.

I'm also getting 3 Panda Garras.  Cute striped loach-like fish.  I currently have one of them, and he's such a neat little guy I decided to purchase more.  I originally owned 3 of these cute little rascals, but learned the hard way that they are jumpers, and quickly throw themselves out of an uncovered tank, only to dry up on the floor . . .

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