Monday, May 21, 2012


Patti has been sending me wonderful pictures of Lucy's puppies.  Not as good as seeing them in person, but it allows me to share their cuteness!  Am really looking forward to meeting them in person - sure hope one of these brownie boys is a keeper.  Am assuming the Pellas will keep the black-spotted girl who looks like Lucy, but Patti is committed to keeping the best pup, whichever one that might be.  Looks as if there may be several "best" puppies.  So far, so good.

This litter may be the most socialized ever!  They're already making car trips to visit Patti's elderly family members - baby Therapy Dogs in the making.  Patti understands the importance of doing as much as possible with these pups, to insure they have the best chance to grow up as outgoing, secure, adaptable adult companions.  This is one of the major difference between puppies raised by responsible breeders, as opposed to pups that are commercially raised in bleak surroundings.  As with children, early experiences (or lack of same) make an enormous difference.

 Patti says -

They remind me of kids, the things they most like to play with are empty water bottles and boxes!!! When we got home we changed up the puppy room, Sue suggested moving a crate into the room to get the puppies used to it. We will bring a wire crate in too so that they get used to that too. We got them little collars as well, won't have them on when we aren't with them but Grace was anxious to get them and they do make them look so grown up!

 As you can see from the pictures, the puppies did amazingly well, they loved meeting our family, snuggled right into the laps of everyone and they really brought smiles to the faces of our family on a grey, rainy day....GOOD PUPPIES!!!!

 They are just so good! We are spending time with them one on one as well, it seems three sleep and one wakes up so whomever that is plays with the big dogs....tonight Christopher was exploring the dining room and the bedroom we are building for our boys! He loves to be snuggled but also demonstrated a lot of curiosity and confidence away from his littermates.

 Captain Rex is gorgeous, eye and nose trim coming really nicely and moves like a dream, he is kind and sweet and loves to snuggle and play, he comes when you call his name and thinks puppy food is the best!!! and he poops on the paper....good, good puppy...then there is the saucy Miss Jordyn....gosh she's pretty and the first to start the play by biting someone's ears or toes, she loves the toys and was the first to try out the new tunnel and crate...definitely a leader in that girl! Then there is Magic...what a guy, he loves to hang out with Uncle Kobe and chase balls, he is spunky and funny and very, very sweet....and what a face!!!

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