Monday, July 23, 2012

All Pupped Out

Whew, what a busy weekend, much of it spent with puppies and friends.   BAER testing on Saturday AM, several unis as we expected, no surprises there.   Pups traveled well (no carsickness) and behaved extremely well for the testing which includes electrodes under the skin on their skulls.  It took about 5 minutes for each pup and they were very patient about something they did not understand.  All were friendly and confident.  Good puppies!

When we got home, Pauli's regular family came to pick her up.  She normally lives with three Chinooks and two Labradors, and was very glad to see Wendy and Kathleen and was determined that she would be leaving with them this time.  Just my regular four adults now, plus my pup and her siblings.  That's my puppy Fern watching me in the picture above.

The rest of the weekend consisted of "some" housecleaning and yard work, and a lot of company.  Argus got his normal dog park visit, but the rest of the weekend was pretty crazy.  Jess's partner Don ended up in the ER early Sunday AM, which made some rescheduling necessary, but we did get the puppy pictures done too.  Always a chore, but it allows me to make final determinations on which pups will go for show and which for pets.  Nice to see good friend Laurie who is staying with Jess for a few days and will be here later in the week.  I am hoping to attend a couple of dog shows this weekend, and Laurie will help Ron with the pups.

Fern is still the star, with Mancini a close second.  The rest of the pups will be placed as beautiful pets I think, though Murray probably should go to a show home too.  Heath check ups on Tuesday - heart and lungs, eyes & ears, stifles and patellas, body condition, bites, testicles, etc.  Dr. V does a very thorough exam.
Then we start deciding which pups will go where and when.

Whew, I am getting All Pupped Out!

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