Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Count Down!

Won't be long until the pups start leaving for new homes.  A good interview last night with one of the people who has been waiting patiently to find out if there was a pup for her.  This will be another first-time Dal owner.  There was a time, after the fallout from over-popularity and bad press, that the only people looking for Dal pups were previous Dal owners who knew all the negative publicity was NOT true of well bred, well raised Dal pups.  We've finally gotten past that, and have a number of first-time Dal owners again, people who have taken the time to understand that a new puppy is not "for the kids" but "for the family", and that pups don't raise themselves and turn out to be good family members without someone putting the appropriate amount of time and effort into insuring that happens. Smart, busy, inventive, adventurous, mischievous spotted pups need time, training, patience, exercise, a sense of humor, and a lot of love to turn them into responsible canine citizens and family members.   But it is oh, so very much worth the effort!

Registrations are back from AKC, puppy folders are being assembled, books have been received from Dogwise.com, and socialization has gone well. Pups have been BAER tested, had their health checks, and ride well in the car.  I would have to say this is one of the easiest litters we've ever done.  Pups are brave and friendly, with lovely personalities and no real extremes.  They are also one of the quietest groups we've ever had, with very little barking or fussing.  They wait patiently to eat, wait quietly to go outdoors, and play nicely with one another or by themselves.  All are good eaters  (we sometimes have a slow one who doesn't keep up), no one is a bully, and all are as cute as can be.  Some litters have an annoying pup who we are all glad to see depart, but I can honestly say there are none of them in this litter.  What a group of sweethearts!

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