Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Saw this on Facebook last night and only wish there had been a Dalmatian too, as we approach the time for the pups to depart for their new homes.  While most people think in terms of purchasing a purebred pup or adopting an older mixed breed dog from a humane organization or rescue group, there are sometime wonderful adult dogs available from responsible breeders.  Most responsible breeders sell their pups on a "first refusal" so they can take back any dogs of their breeding that are in need of new homes. Those dogs are then available for placement.  Also dogs who are retired from the show ring, dogs who will not be bred or have already been used in a breeding program, or youngsters who did not grow up to be quite what the breeder what planning to keep and show.  If you want a specific breed, but don't want to go through the hassle of a puppy, it pays to check with breeders to see if they have, or know of anything, available.

If you are a longtime reader, you know that we placed our beloved Letty a few months ago, at about 10 months of age.  I kept her to show, but she wasn't quite what I wanted for the breed ring, so even though we loved her dearly and she was a perfect fit for our household, we decided to place her IF a PERFECT home came along.  It did, and we did, though not without a lot of soul-searching and a few tears.  Letty is doing well with her new family and is much loved by all.  Our friend Sue who takes Josie to the dog parks (Sue is a dog lover who does not have a dog, so she shares Josie with us) sometimes meets up with Letty and her new dad Skip.  Josie is a Frisbee fanatic, while Letty is all about dogs like her dad Argus, but sometimes they get together for a game of keep away!

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