Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Every Dal Needs A Fire Truck Photo

As someone noted, every Dal needs its picture taken on a firetruck!  Here's Fern with her Cousin Meribel, taken while Fern was "camping" with Jess and Don.  Apparently they were quite the hit when they stopped by the fire department, and donations to the departments fund raiser probably benefited from having "real" Dals visiting. They were invited back in an official capacity next year.

Fern had many adventures over the weekend, part of the socialization process, and spent a lot of time playing with Cousin Meribel too.  I picked Fern up yesterday noon and she was pretty quiet all afternoon and slept all evening.  This morning however, she's back to her lively silly self.  Missed her!

Things are getting busy again in Paisleyland!  Holly arrived from Texas yesterday evening, which means I have a dog to walk four times a day.  Because visiting ladies live in the basement, with only the aquariums for company, I take them for long walks so they don't get bored.  We'll try a first breeding tonight.  Off to walk Holly now!

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