Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not For Sale

Nope, she's mine!

I continue to get inquiries about Fern, from people who have seen her picture on my blog.  As of now, she is NOT available.  We're very happy with her so far, and suspect she may become a permanent resident.  With my second youngest dog already seven years old  (her grandsire Argus), it's time to keep a puppy - or two.  Of course we have to get through teething, and Fern has to continue to move soundly, not carry her tail too high, grow up to be neither too large nor too small, and a number of other things that will decide whether or not Fern gets to play dog show.  All promising pups do NOT grow up to be show dogs.  So far, things are looking good.

Today is my first day of getting up half an hour earlier.  Ugh.  I'm usually awake by 5:30, so I might as well get up earlier and get a head start on my day.  It's a good time to putz around the house doing small chores, train Fern a little, and it gives me a chance to walk Holly before traffic makes it more of a challenge.  Honest to gosh I am glad I don't have a kid riding a school bus.  Some of those drivers do the stupidest things!

Holly is all settled in and is such a good girl.  Not ready to breed yet though, and when introduced to Argus she showed him all of her pearly white teeth.  She was nice about it, but said, "Just try it Buster!"  He strutted and danced and posed, trying to win her over, but she was having none of it.  He would have given it a try had I held on to Holly, but it was obviously too early.  When I brought Argus back upstairs he settled right down, so he knew it too, but is always hopeful!  May take her in for a progesterone test today, just to get a better idea of where we're at in her cycle.  It's a nice tool, and saves a lot of time.

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