Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No Need To Read This

A glance at my list of posts and the number of hits each of them has gotten so far indicates that a catchy title makes a lot of difference.   Mundane titles get fewer hits, while catchy ones like "Longcoated Dalmatians" are read by many more people.  Had I used "Dals With Long Hair" it would have worked even better!  The ones I post to Facebook get the most hits of course, but I only do that with the ones that I consider the most interesting or educational (or controversial).  What I really need to do is plan postings in advance, taking advantage of the thousands of pictures I could use to illustrate those posting.  But that sounds like work!

The blog always gets more hits when I have pups and post pictures regularly.  People always seem to enjoy following a litter and looking at puppy pictures.   Fish-related postings don't do nearly as well.

So here's my Betta, just for kicks.  I've had him since May and he's doing well.  Just a fish store Betta, possibly raised locally, most likely shipped in from Florida or SE Asia.  They arrive by the millions every year, many of them in poor condition.  The average pet store Betta lives a short and unpleasant life, in a small bowl of polluted water that is far too cool for a truly "tropical" fish.  My Betta lives in a one gallon jar in the fish room and gets a weekly water change,  Seems to be working well for him as his lovely finnage is still looking good.  He's not a top quality Halfmoom Betta, but he's quite handsome, and spends his day flaring at the Betta he sees is the mirror next to his jar.

Time for another cup of coffee.

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