Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh So Busy

The title refers to my weekend, and also applies to my puppy.  We got lots accomplished this weekend, most of it outdoors, but with a 100 year old house there is ALWAYS lots more to be done.  Gutter cleaning and repair was one of the projects for this year.  Now, if it ever rains again, the elderly gutters will drain better, through the new downspout. The older couple who do our gutter work are great fun, and we had some excellent discussions on nutrition - glad they charge by the job, not by the hour!

My personal project was trimming the Mock Orange and Honeysuckle bushes that grow along both sides of my house.  They were all very overgrown and received serious haircuts.  Ron made many trips to the recycle facility with the trimmings, as I started my fall yardwork.  Once I get the beds around the butchered bushes raked, I'll dig in some compost and plant spring bulbs - but I'll wait until the bulbs go on sale!  Pricey little devils this time of the year.  Next weekend I'll tackle the yard and do a lot of reseeding to remedy the damage done by the Japanese Beetle grubs.

The "busy" applies to Fern as well.  What a whirling dervish she can be.  Busy, busy, busy.  Not a puppy you can leave unsupervised for long as she notices and has to check out, taste, and play with everything.  Nothing is safe from her right now. Fortunately Josie & Argus play with her, and especially Josie is endlessly patient.  Fern a "good" puppy in many ways, great in a crate, friendly with everyone, perfect in the car, very well housetrained, and catching on to her obedience work easily.  Even her leash work is much improved with a few extra lessons, but oh so busy.  Yesterday she went along with me when I visited mom, and got to run and chase a ball in the athletic field across the street.  Really wore her down, and she was great the rest of the evening.  A tired puppy is a good puppy!

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