Saturday, September 8, 2012

When Did Bad Become Good?

As I read through the Facebook updates every morning, I am continually astonished at the stories about dogs doing bad things.  I'm not astonished that dogs DO these things, but that the owners almost seem to be bragging about it.  Rather than correcting and training their dogs, or taking measures to prevent these things from happening again (like using a crate), these dog owners seem to take delight in trying to "one up" each other on whose dog(s) can be the worst.  Drives me crazy!

Whatever happened to the idea of raising your dog to be a good pet and companion?  One that can be left loose in the house without destroying things, doesn't steal everything off the counter, jump up on the table, threaten the company, and destroy the furniture?  Stealing the sandwich out of your hand between the plate and your mouth really isn't very funny, nor is it "cute" when your dog starts to scream and fuss when you walk out the front door.  An adopted adult dog may arrive with these behaviors (and that may be the reason he was homeless to begin with), but there is no reason to accept this for the rest of his life.  Train him!  And there is absolutely no excuse for accepting this from a dog that you raised from a puppy.  Yes, preventing these behaviors takes time, training and SUPERVISION, but if you don't have the time for training your dog, perhaps you don't have time for a dog at all.


Kay said...

I once did a dog video contest and one person posted their dog at petco in a crate on a shelf and every time they would try to get the dog it would pop out and try to bite. I said that this was not good behavior nor is it cute, everyone got mad at me for pointing out this dog's bad behavior. I don't get it.

Samantha Daley said...

I was out training my Maltese in the parking lot of our local Walmart and a guy drove past us, rolled down his window and commented on what a nice job he was doing and how his dogs would never do those things. I offered him a business card of my dog trainer and he promptly said "Nope, I wont use it. I know you have to be consistent and stuff to train a dog and I just don't see that happening." Uhhh... OK.

It really caught me off guard, never got that reaction before!