Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another Camping Trip

Fern went "camping" again last weekend, an overnight at Camp Carol.  She got to be an only dog for two days, just her and Lovely the cat.  Because Fern is house-trained and good in a crate she's easier to manage, but Fern is one of those pups who really needs supervision.  She notices everything, and assume they are all toys to be picked up and carried around.  Or chewed.  She's very entertaining, but not a pup that gets much freedom at four months of age.  She'll have to earn that.

Pups vary in that respect.  Some are so easy, and only play with dog toys.  Others consider everything a toy.  My previous pup Letty was always a good pup.  Fern's a bit more work but catching on quickly.  It will be awhile before she gets house privileges though!

Everyone knows stories of dogs who have trashed the house.  So why were those dogs given freedom they hadn't earned?  Pups are a lot of work and many of them require a great deal of supervision.  Just like children do.  Pups are not born knowing that pillows are not toys, that door frames are not for chewing and that dogs don't belong on the counter.  It's our job as responsible owners to teach them that.  If your pup chews a leg on the piano - who was supposed to supervising him?

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Helen said...

In this photo, the end of Fern's muzzle is a perfect heart. Very lovely girl.