Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Monday.

Monday.  Again. Already?

Hope this week goes better than the previous one that left me absolutely wiped out.  A nice dinner and a good Martini Friday evening left me in a better mood, but did little for the exhaustion.  Am I going to be able to manage two more years of this?

It's so frustrating to be employed in the public sector, and notably unrewarding these days.  Because we have not received decent raises in many years, and rarely get anything at all, we've lost a great deal of our purchasing power.  Health insurance costs go up, but our salaries don't.  Our union does a piss poor job of representing us and does nothing to explain the fact that many of us have taken over the duties of our fellow employees who have left but not been replaced, with no job upgrades or additional pay.  And John Q. Public thinks we get paid heath care when we retire. NOT. We just continue to lose ground and hope we can afford to retire some day.

Lots of happenings this past weekend, and pictures to go along with them, but typing with one finger takes its toll.  Until tomorrow.