Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Undecided? Really?

Is anyone STILL "Undecided"?  Hard to believe that anyone would not have made up his/her mind long ago on how to vote on all candidates and issues.  After months of being bombarded by ads that were entertaining, offensive, encouraging, disparaging, positive, negative, informative, factual and outright lies - how can anyone not have decided long ago?

I came down this morning and turned on the radio expecting to get news without political ads. Silly me.  Apparently if there is money to be spent for ads, the stations will be glad to accept it, and if anything there were more ads than on previous mornings, although it sounds to me as if they contain more last-minute-lies.  Then I heard that one candidate was campaigning in New Hampshire this morning, and a Facebook friend in Texas noted there were campaigners outside the polling places down there.  WHAT?

Either I've forgotten that we've always had ads and campaigning on Election Day, or things are even more screwed up than I thought.

Please remember though, that no matter who wins the races, both the local races and the national ones, we will prevail.  We'll still all be Americans, and the American Spirit will live on.

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