Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Did It

I don't think there is enough coffee to keep me awake all day.  Sat up way past my bedtime following election results.  Was pleased that Minnesotans voted like Minnesotans this year, and defeated the Marriage Amendment so strongly supported by the Catholic Church.  Hopefully the Tea Party mentality will slowly disappear from this state, but unfortunately MB will probably continue to fan the flames - even though her constituents finally appear to be waking up.  Just not quite enough of them yet.

The level of animosity on FB last night absolutely astonished me.  I expected some of the ugly, mean-spirited comments but a few normally mild-mannered, seemingly-civil people really surprised me.  I sincerely believe that my Democratic-voting friends would have lost far more graciously than so many of the Republican-leaning friends - some of who are probably now ex-friends, if they unfriended me last night.  So be it.

I continue to feel that the major problem with this country is the animosity and hatred.  IF we could put down our swords and work together, we could accomplish so much more . . .

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