Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We're Bored

Pups have had such fun the past two days, with company to visit, and laps to fall asleep in.  On Sunday they had two young girls to play with, last night three teenaged boys.  Having a litter of pups is such a great way to catch up with friends, and it's been fun watching Trevor and Bradley grow up with Dals of their own (their family is on their third Paisley Dal) and visits with my puppies.  Kassia and Jozie's mom Heather grew up in a family with Dals too and I knew her parents many years ago when they belonged to the Dal Club and raised a litter of pups sired by our Ch. "Henry".

When I went down this morning, the pups were standing at their gate, singing, "Let us out, we're bored in here!"  Time to make the pen bigger.   Tonight the pen gets enlarged, and I'll add some boxes and lots more toys.  I posted to Facebook to see what things other breeders add to their puppy pens, and got some new ideas.  Because these are winter pups and they will not get much yard time, I need things to keep them busy, and visually stimulating toys for socialization.

Good news is there was only one pee spot in the box this morning, which means they have mastered the idea of keeping their "bed" clean.  I can add more toys to the box now and make it into a playground, and most of the peeing will be in the pen on papers.  Makes housekeeping a bit easier.

Miss Holly is very tired of motherhood and would prefer to stay upstairs now, feeding the pups only when pressure builds up too much.  She's getting a walk every evening now, which she really appreciates!  Had meant to start weaning the pups on Sunday, but time did not permit, and the pups are doing well as Holly has lots of milk.  Tonight though, weaning begins.  I love the first pictures of puppies in the food pan!

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