Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Questions Than Answers

Not my norm to post on Sunday, but it was one of those "can't sleep nights" so I finally gave up and got out of bed.  Argus and Josie just gave me the look and went back to sleep, so it's me, the blog, and coffee.  Too much happening right now, far too much of it bad.  Too many problems both large and small.

How can there be so much evil out there?  Why can't we identify and manage people with serious mental health issues?  What causes them to finally snap - and why can't they just kill themselves?  Is the sensationalism and notoriety really the trigger for mass murders?  How can any sane person argue against gun controls of some type?  How can they argue that NOW is not the time for meaningful action on this issue?  I just don't understand.  How can the parents of the murdered children ever get through this?  How traumatized will the surviving children be?

And how is poor Watson feeling about wearing the e-collar?  Will his hematoma heal as it should or will he need more surgery?  Will he really dig at the drain if I leave the collar off when no one is watching him?

Will I ever make a showdog out of Fern?  How can she be so scatty and distractable?  How can a pup this pretty be such a fool at times?  Can they put dogs on Ritalin?  Will this 6 week obedience class be helpful?  Will the mother of the kid with the furry white boots leave her (or the boots) home next week?  Why does our instructor allow kids in the class anyway?  Was this a waste of money?  Should I have signed up for a class at Animal Inn?  TCOTC?  Pet Junction?  Will these foo foo methods be helpful or am I wasting my time? Where should I send Fern so she's around kids more?  How will I manage her around the puppies?  Will she bully them?  Will she be gentle?  Will she scare them?

When should I pick up more food for Holly?  When should I start weaning the pups?  When should I make their pen bigger?  Should Holly spend more time upstairs?  How am I going to get Holly's nails cut?  Should I try the grinder?  Why is she so bad about this?

When will I get my Christmas shopping done?  My Christmas cards done?  My gifts mailed?  My house decorated?  Should I bake?  When?  Should I just buy Christmas cookies this year?  Will the weather be good on Christmas Day?  How long will we be gone?  Should I take Fern?  Will the pups be OK being left that long?  Will Holly be OK being left that long?

Why did I buy another Charlie Brown tree?  It's so hard to decorate around holes!  Will this one actually look OK when the bulbs are added?  Is it worth the aggravation to save $10.00?  When will I ever finish decorating this tree and the one on the porch too?  

Did my hand heal properly?  Should I make an appointment with the sports medicine doctor to have it rechecked?  Will I need surgery?  Do I need more PT?  Will my wrist ever stop aching?  Is this Carpel Tunnel Disease?  Why do I have pain in the ankle that was broken almost three years ago?  Why now?  More exercise?  More calcium?  Will my back ever feel perfect again?

Will I have enough company to socialize my pups appropriately?  Will I survive all the company?  Will I survive all the work involved with winter puppies?  Will the pups all be steady or will some require extra work?  Will the weather be OK when they have to go in for their BAER testing.  Will the weather be OK for shipping when the time comes? Is the prettiest bitch a uni?  Are they all bi?  Could I be that lucky?  Why does Folgers have to have a blue eye?  Should he go to a show home anyway if he continues to look this good?  Or should I just let him go as a pet?  Should I keep Maxwell?  Should I keep a "spot" available for a liver boy? How will I explain to the people who are desperate for a puppy that I don't have enough to go around?  Will the pups all continue to look this good?  Will their tails come up?  Will their bites be OK?  Will they be as sound as they are pretty?

What to do with mom today?  When will I go over there?  Should we go out to lunch?  Or dinner?  Shall I take Fern along for some extra socializing?  Do I have a list of the things she wanted me to bring over today?  Should I take her some of the stew I made yesterday?  Should I buy her a Poinsettia?  Will she still be OK by Christmas?  How long can she continue to live alone?

Dogs are stirring and the coffee is working.  Problems are put into perspective (more or less) and it's time to get moving.  Lots to get done today.  I will.

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