Friday, December 14, 2012

Saying Good Bye Is Never Easy

Never easy, but inevitable.  I snapped this picture of my Jess saying good bye to Coral.  Ron said his good byes to his special girl at home, taking her for a very short walk, then just sitting with her on the sofa with her head in his lap as they have done so many times before.  Ron & Coral.   Jess met me at the clinic, as she did several years ago when we said good bye to Sidney.  It's never easy, but having someone to share the grief seems to help.  Coral's favorite Vet Dr. Amy did the deed and shared our tears as Coral passed peacefully and slipped away to wherever good dogs go.  Heaven?  The Rainbow Bridge?  If good dogs go to heaven, Coral did.  She was a very good dog. If they go to the Rainbow Bridge she has probably already re-connected with her Grandpa Morris and all the other relatives who passed before.

Puppies are the best therapy and it's hard to be sad when a puppy is giving you kisses!  Britt was only too happy to oblige!  A visit with the puppies made everything better.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry about Coral.