Monday, February 18, 2013

Day Off

Day off, still in jammies, playing on the computer.  Lots of stuff left on the To Do List but it's been a productive weekend.  Dogs have had fun too, as Sue took Josie running yesterday, and I took Fernly and Argus down to Hidden Falls Park for a run.  Had to do the woods path rather than the beach, as I know that Fern would have gone in the water, then gotten too cold to finish a long hike.

Today I need to take the car down for a good vacuuming and wash.  I could do it myself, but the professional job is much better and I splurge on that several times a year, especially when the hair becomes Too Much, as it is now.  Just spent way too much money on the car's "innards", so now I need to take care of the rest of it.

Max is signed up to start puppy class next week, so we went down to PetCo for a Puppy Playtime yesterday.  He did well, though was much more interested in talking to the owners than the puppies.  He was friendly and brave, but loves to meet new people.  Like Watson would have done, he made the rounds taking time to "meet" each person, then played with the pups for awhile.  Also spent a lot of time trying to get out of the fenced enclosure which he considered too small.  It was not climbable, so he stood back, ran hard, took a flying leap, and hit the sit of the pen about halfway up.  Did that several times before giving up.  That's my boy, always looking for taller buildings to leap - little Super Dog.  What fun he is!  What a challenge he will be.

The rugs are back down in the basement so I have my training area available again.  Fern and Max each go down with me for at least one training session a day, Fern to work on her Stays, and her show stacks and baiting, Max to work on his Sits, Downs, Stands, and a bit of stacking.  Fern's reward is chasing and catching a tennis ball, Max's chasing a ball or running on the treadmill for a few seconds.  He STILL loves that.

Watson's splint is off and his foot is getting better each day.  He was still pretty lame when it came off, but seems to be working the stiffness out of it, and getting his mobility back.  At first I was concerned that the bone had not healed, but remembered how my ankle felt after being in a pressure boot for 6 weeks.  Takes awhile to get mobility back!  Ron walked Watson to the corner yesterday which he really enjoyed.   The first day after the splint came off, Watson licked his leg constantly, presumably because it was itchy.  Getting his leg and especially his foot washed, plus some Benedryl and Tramadol, and he's no longer fussing over it.  Because Watson will be 13 in May his health issues were especially worrisome, but with a father who lived to be 15 1/2 and a mother who lived to be 14 1/2, hopefully he's got several good years left.  Love this sweet gentle dog.  

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