Thursday, February 21, 2013

Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

Oh, how cute!  While looking for a specific picture on my computer, I came across some puppy pictures of Argus - shots I didn't remember I had. What fun! They were taken when Argus was about the same age his son Max is now.  Such a cute puppy, and the right color too.  Nothing cuter than brownie babies.   If I could change just one thing on Max, I'd make him a handsomely spotted liver.  Then he'd be just perfect.

Well, not really perfect, but perfect for me, and an ever better looking pup, but he's handsome in black too!  Wish he had a bit less color, but the overall pattern is good, and I love the rest of him.  Really pretty shape, with super nice structure and movement, plus a wonderful personality.  He's one of those pups that just makes you smile because he's so cute and always happy.  Just like his dad.

And so it begins.  I sent out a couple of inquiries yesterday, looking for the right liver bitch to lease and breed to Argus later this year.  I'd STILL like a liver Argus kid, and a liver to liver breeding certainly increases my chances.  Although many breeders don't do liver to liver, I've done it quite a few times with good results.  Nikon, the dam of Penny and granddam of all the young liver Paisley stars, is from a liver to liver breeding, and she had an all liver litter bred to Argus.  As long as you're extra careful about spotting and trim, and have buyers for liver pups, it can work out well.  Argus bred to Rosie's Aruba, also liver, produced Best In Show winning Pauli, DCA Best of Breed winner Krash, and several other nice livers, a couple of them gorgeously marked.  I normally have both pet and show homes that would prefer liver, so placing them is rarely a problem.  We'll see what comes of this.

The right liver bitch would have a really good pedigree, preferably with the lines I know match up particularly well with Argus, have all her health testing, and would have a wonderful personality.  Maybe she doesn't even exist, or if she does her owners would never consider this.  No harm in asking though.  Typically breedings are planned for the bitch, finding the right stud dog for her, but I'm doing just the opposite, looking for just the right liver bitch for Argus, because I want a liver Argus kid, and have no one in this line to breed to him.  Eventually I will look for a husband for Argus's beautiful granddaughter Amery, but she's not even old enough for all her health testing yet, and I wouldn't breed her back to Argus anyway.  Our girls are Argus daughters and granddaughters, so I'll try this route again.  Worked wonderfully well breeding Holly to Argus and by next fall I might be ready for puppies again.

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