Monday, February 25, 2013

Fun In The Snow

Fun in the snow.  What a lovely weekend for people and dogs.  A blanket of fresh snow, but with ice melting on the side streets, dry major roadways, sunshine and (relatively) warm temperatures.  The sun actually feels warm now and the birds are starting to sing of spring, while we dream of spring.  As the people in Missouri prepare for another foot of snow, we could actually use more of it, but at least we did not have a brown winter.

A fun weekend for the dogs as Sue picked up Josie for a run on Sunday and Watson is getting longer walks as his foot heals and his limp is becoming less obvious.  Fern went to PetCo on Saturday and then got an off leash run in Hidden Falls Park.  On Sunday Fern and Argus went to the Dog Park where we ran into old friend Cathy and her Dal Bella.  Argus and Bella have known one another since puppyhood, so they had a great time running with Fern while Cathy and I caught up on family things.  I've know Cathy for 40 or more, and although we don't see one another very often, she's the kind of friend where you just pick up where you left off the last time you talked.

Busy weekend for Max as he practiced his lead walking, worked on obedience and show training, and on Sunday got to visit his Grandma.  This was the first time my mom had seen any of the pups from the Coffee Litter, even though she was the one who suggested the theme.  Max was his brave and friendly self, covered my mother with kisses, explore her apartment, and coached beside her walker as we walked the long hallway.  Well not really, he would have gotten run over by the wheels, but he did have fun!  Mom and I did a drive through (excellent burgers at Dairy Queen), parked in the lot to chat and enjoy the sunshine.  Max was perfect in his crate and enjoyed a piece of cheeseburger.  Told him that if he was a winner, he'd get lots more of them.

What a fun pup.  Puppy class starts for him tonight, just the local PetCo class on Monday.  On Thursday we will attend a better class, but might not be able to make it every week - not an easy drive during rush hour.  Max is so smart and such fun to work with - I know we will both enjoy these classes!

No time for editing.  Hope this does not read like gibberish!

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