Friday, March 1, 2013

Boys Or Girls

Many years ago I did an informal survey on one of the Dal Lists.  The question was "if you could have just one dog, would it be a male or a female?"  I asked this of people who had experience owning both sexes.  The response was that about 2/3 of them would own a male.

Max had his puppy class last night and we had so much fun.  He's a terrific little guy and I'm just crazy about him, but is it because he is from such a wonderful litter, or is that enhanced by the fact that I have always preferred male dogs?  Decided to do a Facebook question and ask the same question.  Lots of responses already, and again about 2/3 of them, if they could only have one dog, would choose a male.

However, just as in my previous survey, most of the respondents are women.  Does that make a difference? My ex-husband, as well as my current partner, have both been more strongly attached to the resident female dogs.  I guess if one was to do a serious survey, that would have to be taken into account!

The picture is my two girls, Josie and Fernly, both of whom I dearly love - but I still prefer the boys.

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Leslie V said...

After only owning females(12)I now have a male along with a female. I must say the male is wonderful, has an awesome temperment and is very laid back. But, on the other hand my female who is more intense in nature is exactly what I need for agility and obedience events. She gives me her best all the time and my male does not see the need to compete, ha!
Love'um both!
Leslie V