Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Family Pack

We find our "family pack" endlessly entertaining.  The interaction among the dogs is so much fun to watch, and the pack dynamics are fascinating.  Because we have dogs of varying ages, and have other dogs that come and go (co-owned dogs we're showing) the structure is always evolving.  The idea of a Pack, with an "alpha style" leader has actually been replaced with the idea of a family of dogs living together, and that's really what we've observed over the years.

We've tried to breed dogs who live peacefully with one another.  I don't want a divided house with males who can't co-exist, or bitches who will try to kill one another.  Those situations exist in many households and are stressful for all concerned. And dangerous for both dogs and people. Some breeds are much more inclined that way, but a lot of it is how the dogs are raised.  There are some Dals who can not live peacefully with others of the same sex, and a few that can not live with other dogs at all, but most Dals can run with most Dals - there are some combinations that just don't work.  Our bitch line has always been wonderful that way, and they always get along with one another, and most of our boys have been amazingly tolerant.  Rob and Morris occasionally had bitches in for breeding at the same time, and there was never any anomosity between the two of them.  Even the Brazilian-bred (from two Paisley dogs) Vicor, who came to us as a two-year-old dog was able to co-exist with Murphy.

Argus was a good fit for us in that regard, and I knew that many of the boys in his pedigree were very good with other dogs.  He moved into a household with two senior males Morris and Sidney, and fit right in, He arrived when Morris, Sid, and Watson were in residence, and has always gotten along with everyone.  Morris and Sid are gone now, but Argus and Watson will even share a chair on occasion.  Now we have Max growing up.  His mother lives in a large family pack that includes several different breeds, and both of her parents are also very good with other dogs.  We anticipate that he will grow up to be a friendly adaptable dog with good social skills, and be able to live peacefully in a multi-dog household.

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