Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Easy Money

Got through everything yesterday, and the news was good on Watson.  His foot is healing well and hopefully he can get rid of the split (and the e-collar) in about 10 days.  Swelling in his foot is much diminished and the skin looks good.  I'm going to try and find an inflatable collar to replace the e-collar - I've never found anything else that works as well, but we'll give one of these a try too.

Car ended up needing new tires in addition to everything else.  Drat.  It was an expensive visit, but at least everything is taken care of before spring dog shows.  I'd hate to have a breakdown or a flat while out of town in a van loaded with dogs!  What an expensive hobby this can be when you factor in the wear and tear on your car too.

AND we had to take a quick run to the Repro Specialist as it was determined that Argie's "wife" would be ready for breeding today.  Another trip scheduled today for another collect and ship.  Stud dog owners definitely "earn" their stud fees.  Definitely not easy money!

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