Thursday, February 7, 2013

Writer's Block

Absolutely nothing comes to mind as I stare at the screen.  Normally I sit down here already knowing what I want to write about, or something comes to me as I sit down.  Nothing came to me yesterday (hence the missing post) and I'm not doing any better today.  Brain fog?  Or concerns about the kind of weather we will probably face on our way back from Indianapolis. Maybe I'm preoccupied with the weather . . .  This has happened to us so many time before, and I really hate driving home on icy snow-covered roads.  Perhaps I'm getting too old for this!

Wonderful entries for Indy - 70 of them!  Good judges too, or at least judges who were good, but we haven't shown to either for some time so we'll see.  Good Sweepstakes judges too.  Argus & Meribel going along as Specials, with Argus making his debut in the Veteran's Class.  Gemma and Fernly going along to show in the classes.  Gemma looks great, but Fern isn't really ready yet, as she's going through the stick-dog stage, all legs, and she is inclined to pace rather than trot when I gait her.  Needs time, training and roadwork, but she also needs experience so she's entered with no expectation that she will be competitive.  Consider it expensive training classes!  As long as she behaves reasonably well, I will be satisfied.

Leaving tomorrow morning and driving all day.  See you next week!

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Helen said...

When you don't post, some of us wonder if something on the long litany of things you worry about has happened.