Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Endless Winter, Going Crazy

Enough already, Mother Nature.  I give up!  Send us some sunshine and warm temperatures to melt all the darned ice and snow.  We've had enough.  Although I actually enjoy winter, I've enjoyed it for long enough this year.  Yes, winter used to last into March here, but for the past decade or two winter has been on the way out by March.  This year Ma Nature seems to be determined to give us a real old-fashioned winter.  You win!  I give up!  You are in control!  Can we compromise?  At least send us some sun!

Hard to imagine that we'll be able to go coursing on March 30th, as planned.  A trip to KC this weekend for dog shows might help my frame of mind.  Supposed to be 70 on Friday, mid-60s there on the weekend - and then perhaps snow here on Monday. . . 

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