Thursday, March 14, 2013

Missing - Spring!

Ah, spring flowers!  In a vase.  That's about the only place we will be seeing them for some time to come.  The Daffodils on the east side of the house are about 2 inches tall, but with the possibility of a lot of snow next week, things are not looking good for them.  The tulips in the front flower beds are still buried under several inches of ice and snow . . .  After many years of early springs, we take that for granted.  We expect spring in March. A real old-fashioned winter is NOT appreciated.  We're even above normal for precipitation this year, which is a good thing, and it's nice to see that the level of the Mississippi is looking more normal.  It looked for awhile as if we would soon be able to walk across the river - and I don't mean on ice.

We're off to Kansas City for dog shows this weekend, weather permitting.  We've endured some really lousy weather in years past, just hope we can quickly drive out of the snow predicted for this area tomorrow.  As of yesterday, it was supposed to be 76 in KC on Friday - but of course much colder for the weekend.  We were hoping for a little Spring Vacation, but I guess it is not happening.

It appeared as if Fern would have her act together for this weekend.  She worked well at handling class and has been moving much better, trotting rather than pacing.  Until last night when she looked as if she was trying to trip herself as she paced down the street - and a few days before she was trotting 90% of the time.  Not sure if she is uncoordinated because of her age, long legs, and bad footing (too much ice this winter) or if she has actually pulled a muscle playing on that ice.  She's not lame, just not moving the way she should be able to move.  Guess a trip to the Chiropractor is in order for next week, and hopefully I can get her moving correctly this weekend.  She looks lovely otherwise.  Always something.

Argus babies due in Alabama!  The chilled semen breeding worked this time, when it was handled by a Reproductive Specialist in Atlanta.  Timing is so important using chilled semen, and because the semen is so fragile, it has to be handled properly.  The first attempt, done by a local Vet, was not successful, but this time the bitch owners got serious and it paid off.  Although I always offer a repeat when a breeding misses, it's a lot of time and trouble to do that.  So much better to put the time and money into doing it right the first time. Can't wait!    

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