Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to me.  It was a lovely day, and a real goof off weekend.  I couldn't sleep and got up too early, but the rest of the day was perfect.  Brunch with my mother, sister, and Ron, and a good brunch too.  The Chianti Grill (our favorite) was all booked up when I finally thought to make reservations, but Green Mill Shoreview did an outstanding job, and it was one of the best brunches I've had.  I don't need a fancy brunch menu, I just want really tasty egg and potato dishes, and good sausages.  Wish I skipped all the other interesting and tasty dishes, and just concentrated on the 4-Cheese Scrambled Eggs, Parmesan Hash Browns, and exceptional Sausage!  The cheesecakes looked good, but I'm not a cheesecake fan (lucky me, lots of calories there) and the brownie was outstanding.  Chocolate is always the best for dessert.

Although my mother is growing increasingly feeble and is losing her vision, she loves going out to eat, and she made a large dent in all the food my sister helped dish up for her.  Because we're never sure how many Holidays we have left, my sister and I try to share holidays with mom whenever we can.

The rest of the day was devoted to being a good Dog Mom.  The sun felt good and Argus, Max and Fernly all got individual and interesting runs.  Max went down to Hidden Falls where he remembered the pond he had played in several weeks ago.  Still plenty of water in it, and lots of sticks to retrieve.  He smelled a bit funky from the pond water but a quick bath took care of that.  He's such a fun dog, always enthusiastic and entertaining, and continues to be good off leash.

Argus has never been very good off leash, so his walk was entirely on leash, but it was a long and interesting one at Crosby Park, where we walked around the lake and hunted for wild flowers.  Because Argus does a good Sit Stay, it's easy to take flower pictures when he comes along, and I found the Marsh Marigolds I wanted to photograph.  Love these wetland flowers.

Fern's run was on the college campus later in the afternoon.  Not very many dogs or people, so she too got to run off leash.  It was good to see that she's trotting more and pacing less, so hopefully she will make it to the show ring eventually.

Nothing like good food, family, hiking, fresh air and sunshine to tire you out and I slept like a rock. 

Happy Mother's Day to me too!   

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