Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer At Last

Max in camo, and soaking wet

We knew it would happen this way of course, that we would go from Endless Winter to Sultry Summer.  Temperature is supposed to be in the 90s today - ARGH!  At least the house will have it's residual coolness, for awhile at least.  Suspect I will spend the evening in the basement with the fishes, as the basement will stay cool until the soil around it warms up.  I anticipate coming home at noon to water the grass seed - the lawn is coming back nicely from all the Japanese Beetle grub damage, but 90+ degrees of sunshine will be tough on all the tender new grass plants.

What I SHOULD do this evening is take Max to handling class.  If I want to start showing him in June we have to work on his stacks.  He stacks well if there are no distractions, but if a dog or person gets within his "kissing zone" it's a lost cause.  Like his father Argus, Max is distractable, very friendly, and way too happy for his own good.  He'll make a fine show dog some day, but no doubt I'm in for my share of embarrassment as he learns the ropes.

If all goes well, Max, Fernly & Gemma go to the Chicagoland Specialties next month.  LOTS of training needed before then!

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Anonymous said...

Max is adorable, I love his strong spotting. Let me know if you ever need to send his on a sleep over : )

We are almost ready for a puppy and your puppy reports are reminding me how much work it will be.