Thursday, May 30, 2013

Horticulture And Hounds

The Northern Lights Azalea was fantastic this year.  It's a 5 foot tall shrub that flowers reliably every Spring, but it outdid itself this year.  Hard to imagine that it could have had any more flowers than it did.  My mother gave me this plant many years ago, and she got to see it on Memorial Day, looking its best.  Just as well, because heavy rain last night took it's toll. Fortunately the flowers were past their prime already.

Two new Daylilies too, named varieties developed by my old friend Lynne Dauber.  Such fun to have special plants "created" by someone I've known for so many years.

The Showy Ladyslipper plant came through the winter again too.  This is a plant that once inhabited my grandmother's garden, was passed on to my brother who entrusted it to me when he moved to Costa Rica.  It's Minnesota's State Flower and a member of the Orchid Family.

More electrical projects completed, but still a few things left to do.  New ceiling fan and light fixture in the bathroom - finally enough light!  New track lighting over the bar (between kitchen and family room), but no fixtures yet.  Off to Home Depot tonight to take care of that little problem.  Still to do, the new ceiling fan for the dining room (but the old one still works for now) and the range hood in the kitchen (not a priority).  An open day for Travis on Monday, so hopefully everything will be completed then.  This is taking a lot longer than anticipated, but Travis has mostly been working alone, which I know irks him.  The price bid was by project, not days thank goodness, but we did add a few things later.  Hopefully I did not overspend!

Dog shows coming up soon, Max entered, Fern not entered. Max looks really good for his age, but probably is not ready to win against good adult males, and he needs some ring experience first.  Two Specialties and two Sweepstakes will give him lots of experience!  Am very pleased with Max.  He's handsome, sound, has very good breed type, and a wonderful temperament.  And he's smart and fun.
Fernly is looking good too, gaiting much better, trotting more than pacing, and developing the foot timing that she needs.   Goal is to have her ready for the August Specialties, though perhaps we'll hit some small shows before that.  Hopefully there will be Dalmatian competition at Waukesha in July.  Judges are good there, and it's always a fun show weekend.

Both pups are getting roadworked every evening, yes on foot, so with Argus to walk too I am getting a LOT of exercise right now.  Good for all of us though.


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