Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lost Weekend

Mirror mirror on the wall.  Who's the fairest of them all?

Sat at the computer yesterday evening, feeling sorry for myself.  Seemed as if everyone else had gone camping, to a picnic, or attended a dog show over the long weekend.  Me, I sat home.  Well not exactly.  I bought yard plants and worked in the yard, took the dogs swimming and for interesting walks, took mom out for pizza (too wet and cold for a picnic), but mostly I just worked around the house (and played on the computer of course).  So how did I use up four days so quickly?  Three gloomy wet days, I might add.

I cleaned!  Yuck, just about my least favorite way to spend a weekend, but one that needed to be done.  A shame to do it on a Holiday weekend, but the weather made it somewhat easier, and he electrical work made it necessary.  Looking at the pictures in the recent appraisal really drove home how cluttered things are looking too, so I spent my time cleaning drawers and bookcases, throwing out papers, gathering up usable items for Good Will, dusting walls, washing baseboards, sweeping, vacuuming, and throwing things away.  The recycle guy will NOT be happy with me this week, unless they get paid by the pound!  And Ron said, ENOUGH for the trash this week.

Still to be done is ribbons and rosettes.   Boxes and bags of ribbons, mostly for the past twenty years, the rosettes from specialing Rob (just a bit), Morris (extensively), Watson (moderately), and Argus (extensively).  All the class wins, Sweeps wins, Specialty majors, Specialty BoBs, Group wins and placements, and the Best in Shows.  Not only at AKC shows, but at a few Canadian, UKC, and Int'l shows.  That's a lot of ribbons and rosettes.  Flat ribbons are easy, take up little space, and would be easy enough to discard, but I love rosettes and am not ready to get rid of them.  If I had the money, I'd have some of the best ones made into a quilt or wall hanging.  There are people who do that, but it's expensive.  Maybe that's a good hobby for me when I retire.  I really need another hobby.) The rosettes are in piles in the middle of the guest bedroom (which is/was clean) so I need to get this project finished!  Sooner, not later.

And someday I will tackle 50 years of pictures and scrapbooks, thousands and thousands of pictures.  But not this week.

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