Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Bump In The Road

Max & half-sister Nena

This weekend was to be our last Specialty show weekend of the year.  Jess and I were scheduled to head out on Thursday to attend the Kansas Specialty on Friday, showing to one of our favorite judges.  Because so many wonderful senior judges have passed away during the past five years, we figured we'd show to him just because this might just be the last opportunity.  Win or lose, we generally like his judging, the way he runs his ring, and the way he treats exhibitors and dogs.  I'll be showing Fern and Max, Jess was going to show Gemma, and we really thought he would appreciate her.  We've done very few such trips this year, and this would have been the last for this year.  I'll be doing a few more shows this year, but this would have been the last show weekend for Jess and Gemma.

Unfortunately, Jess's vacation was rescinded and she can't have the time off, plus she will be working overtime this week.  Small company, under-staffed, busy week.  Kick in the head.  Jess's boss refunded what she had paid in entries.  Nice, but will she reimburse me for the portion of motel room and gas that Jess would have paid?  Money that will all be coming out of my pocket.  No, I don't suppose she will so this will be an expensive weekend for me.  It's safer, easier, more affordable and a lot more fun to share a dog show trip, but so be it. 

I plan to have fun anyway, hoping that I survive a trip with my two wild and crazy spotted friends.  They are SO enthusiastic and energetic, and there's rain in the forecast - hopefully not so much that they don't get their walks.  When I showed Argus who was the same way at this age, I found that looonnngggg walks before showing helped to settle him down.  At least a little!  Max has only been shown one day at AKC shows, as I've been waiting for him to "grow up" a bit.  He went through some gawky stages, but is looking quite handsome now, at 11 months.  I'll be showing both Max and Fern in the Bred By Exhibitor class.  Fern has both her major, Max needs to start working on his.

That's Max in the picture, with his half-sister Nena who has pups due later this month.  More on that next week.

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