Thursday, October 10, 2013

As Ready As We'll Ever Be

Two wild and crazy young dogs bathed, trimmed, nails done, whiskers done, and ready to go.  Both got long walks and training sessions last night, where we worked on gaiting and stacking.  Their weights are just right, their coats are perfect, they are working well, and both look very good right now, but . . .

But they're high energy Teen-Dals, very happy, very energetic, very enthusiastic, and very distractable.  Hopefully they will show well this weekend.  Fern has some show experience, Max has almost none.  Jess was supposed to show Max in Sweeps which would have given me a chance to watch him in the ring, but that is not to be.  I'm on my own, and both dogs are entered in Bred By Exhibitor.  I am Fern's sole owner, so only I can show her in Bred By even though she was bred by Wendy, Jess and me.  Max was bred by Jana, Jess and me, and the three of us own him, so either of them could show him in Bred By.  But only I will be at the dog shows, so I will be busy!  I have not shown two class dogs in years and YEARS.  What was I thinking?

Because I am currently working Max in obedience, he needs some show ring experience too, so he will understand the difference.  Dogs can do both at the same time, but it takes a bit of extra work.  Because there is so little competition in Dals in the immediate area, Max hasn't had the ring experience our pups normally have by 11 months, so we'll be doing a few shows this fall before I concentrate on obedience over the winter.

It's been a lot of work raising two youngster so close in age (5 months apart).  Two high energy, very enthusiastic, exceptionally happy youngsters.  They've gotten lots of individual attention and training, and I THINK we're ready.  As ready as we'll ever be!

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