Friday, December 20, 2013

Another Road Trip

We did it!  Everything that needed doing got done, although I wondered if we could get it all fit in, along with a busy week at work.  Yesterday was our trip to Rochester for BAER testing.  I was late getting out of my own eye exam so had to deal with rush hour traffic and was half an hour late for our appointment.  Because the pups behaved so perfectly, we actually finished up on time.  Good dogs!

Again not a peep from anyone while traveling.  Can't believe how good they are in the car.  They rode quietly, sharing a bone or sleeping.  We used a solid crate again as they are warmer and more secure, and a lot safer when traveling in bad weather with pups in the car.  No accidents in the crate and they waited until we set up their pen in the exam room.  All three pups were great about the restraint required to insert the little electrode needles, and sat without fussing for the test.  So glad we have options for getting this done without having to sedate the pups.  Results were as expected, pups were bilateral hearing.  All working ears.  I knew this from hometesting, but it's always nice to get it confirmed.

Tango (was Jack Pine) has his BAER appointment and checkup on 12/27 at Meg's wonderful Vet in Northern Illinois.  He's got two Cavaliers as roomies now, and Meg says he is doing well.

Stephanie wanted to take Schelly as soon as possible, but I suggested waiting until Saturday since the pups have had such a busy week.  Next week Schelly will be moving to Texas with Stephanie and Dal Tate.  Good thing Schelly seems to be a good traveler!  Fulton leaves on Saturday too, so poor Summit will soon become an only child.  She'll stay here for awhile before departing for a new home as it's not safe to ship pups over the holidays, even if the weather allowed for it. 

And on Sunday Fern Louise comes home from camp.  Max will be so happy to have his wrestling buddy back!


Cee Pluse said...

Glad the testing went well. Where is little Surly -- haven't heard about him in a while.

SueMac said...

Unfortunately, Surly turned out to be deaf. All Dals are born with the mechanism to hear, but the ones who will be deaf have normally lost the ability by the time their ears open at 14 days. Surly had some residual hearing then, and was actually the second pup in the litter to hear. Over the next two weeks his hearing responses disappeared and eventually he did not respond to any kind of sounds.