Thursday, December 19, 2013

Road Trip

Pups had their Vet check yesterday, and were such good travelers.  Never a peep from any of them, although someone DID get carsick on the way home.  Hopefully it was not Schelly who is scheduled to leave for Texas with Stephanie next week.  It could be a long trip with a car sick puppy!  Pups were brave and friendly and got handled by many new people.  Dr. Valenti checks EVERYTHING.  Eyes and ears, bites and mouth, hearts and lungs, and even patellas (knees).  She takes their temperatures, examines them thoroughly, checks testicles on boys, vulvas on girls (looking for vaginitis), and weighs them.   Don't recall ever having pups that traveled so quietly.  Good puppies!

Tonight we go for BAER testing.  I can hometest my puppies and know that this group has bilateral hearing, but we always confirm it with BAER testing.  Hopefully the weather cooperates as I'm not keen on driving in snow with puppies. 

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