Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I got this cute picture of Nikon yesterday while she was waiting for Laurie to finish loading her car. Nikon had stayed with us for 6 months last year and had a litter of pups by Argus. When Laurie came back to drop off Nikon's daughter Penny for showing, Nikon came along of course and fit in perfectly. She was relaxed and comfortable until Laurie started to pack on Monday morning. THEN she started to worry that she might be left behind again. She was very quiet about it, but did not let Laurie out of her sight, and waited patiently at the door. I forgot to check to see if she had her paws crossed!

Got to sleep in a bit today as I have a clinic appointment at 9:45, so there was no point in going into work first. Hope to get my splint today and learn to drive with it on. Also a temporary handicap hang tag for my car, which will be awfully nice. We're still planning to do the Chicago Specialty this weekend - am NOT looking forward to schlepping around the huge McCormick Place.

Got lots of feedback from yesterday's posting on raw feeding. Just a reminder that nothing is without risk. Dogs can choke on kibble and on bones, especially turkey necks. I always stay with the dogs until they have finished their turkey necks, and I chop the large ones in sections - a hatchet or cleaver works perfectly. Some people feed leg quarters & turkey wings - I feed neither as they are beyond my comfort range. Everyone feeds raw a bit differently.

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Jennifer Mathews said...

Thanks for the info on the turkey necks, etc. I thought I read where you used a cleaver to hack them up. I would of course watch my dog until she finished it. Haven't gotten the nerve up yet, turkey neck still sitting in fridge in baggie. What other type of bone if any do you give them to just "chew" on? My dog loves the "bully sticks" that are supposed to be bull penis's,(that is what I was told), that seemed natural so I bought them. She would eat one every day if I let her, but I thought maybe 2 a week was enough??? I got her an antler, kind of ho hum about that. I never do any rawhide, thought that could be dangerous. She gets a Kong every day when I leave with a few natural treats and almond butter...........but wondered if you had any great ideas. I don't ever leave her alone with the sticks, as I call them or the antler, only the Kong. She eats fruit and sometimes canned green beans, (one at a time of course) as a treat or if we are doing agility, ( in the house, haha). anyway just wondering what cool tricks you had up your sleeve to keep them happy chewing.....she is not destructive with any toys or anything like that. Thanks again, Jen from Chattanooga