Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Here's two of the Argus/Tess pups, really cute patches. The liver girl is SO pretty, she is sure to be a heartbreaker. For some reason, patched pups often seem to be the best pups in a litter which is a disappointment to show breeders because patches are not acceptable in the show ring. There is also a nicely marked black spotted boy with a single ear patch, but this multi-patch Striker is pretty darned cute!

Half day of work, then hopefully I can get the car washed when I fill up the gas tank (assuming the line is not too long) on my way home. Poor van still sports the gray salt scum it received on the trip back from Indy. Everything is sitting in the living room, ready for Jess to load it - she's an excellent packer. My driving splint works fine, and the forecast is good, so travel "should" be OK. Getting around the show building may be a lot tougher though. Saturday and Sunday are "benched" which means the Dals will have to stay all day, win or lose. We'd stay all day Saturday anyway, as the groups are always very exciting at those enormous shows, but it's a bit tougher on Sunday when you have early breed judging and would rather hit the road earlier.

It's been over a week since I broke my ankle and I am adjusting well, I guess. Everyone keeps telling me to relax and enjoy my down time, but there's never any down time when you show dogs and keep lots of fish. Things like this just make everything more work. BUT, I'm still planning to be back in the ring for the National in April!

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